In Estate Living, you can expect a unique duality between country living and a cosmopolitan suburban lifestyle. It’s an ideal arena for a healthy, wholesome lifestyle, with a multitude of facilities offering a safe, family-friendly environment.

Basically, it is acres of Estate with thousands of fruit orchards, river, organic farms etc. It has a resort run by the best hospitality team. Technically, we offer you to be a part of our Estate. We offer one unit of land to each person. Also, four to six trees are grown in each unit of land. The landowner of that particular unit can keep the land as it is or can develop a cottage or bungalow or a vacation home. The size and designs are provided by our technical team. There are hundreds of interesting designs to choose from, to develop your dream holiday spot. At last, one can either keep the property with themselves and can visit for vacations, or can permanently stay here. Although, there is another option too. The option of leasing it to us. They can partner with us and give us back the cottage. We provide rentals and revenue profits. We also maintain the property all year long for you.